Alteration of Partner

Alteration oF Partner

Alteration of Partner:

A person can be partner of LLP who is above the age of 18. A person who is minor as per the law is subjected as a minor partner. He may not be admitted as a partner is a firm. But he may acquired all the benefits of partnership.

Who can enter into partnership?

A minor partner cannot enter into a contract as per the act section 20 of Partnership. Every person who is the age of majority as per the law can become a partner in a firm. Two or people can become business partners either by formal written and signed partnership agreements.

Procedure to Add of Partner:

  • Obtain DSC( Digital Signature certificate ) of concern person .
  • Obtain DIN of Proposed partner.
  • Pass resolution to effect change .
  • Execute Supplement Deed .
  • File an Application for approval of change .

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Alteration oF Partner


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