GST Registration

GST Registration

What is GST Registration?

GST Registration came in India on 1 July 2017. As per the GST Act, it's a mixture of indirect tax VAT & Service tax. GST Registration is required when your business turnover or sales exceeds 40 lakh rupees annually. As per the latest amendment introduced from 1st April 2019, it has been 10 lakh for NE * Hill States.

Hence, GST Registration has become necessary for some specific business without crossing the turnover limit. For instance, if you have an e-commerce business then it is mandatory from the starting of the business.

Note: A person without GST Registration cannot collect GST from his clients and even not claim any input tax credit.

Apply GST Registration

Apply for GST Registration Online to make your business GST compliant at the lowest and affordable price by walk2register within 1 day. Also, know the GST Registration online process and documents required for GST Registration. Here, you are eligible to find out how to get a new GST number.

GST Rates and Registration

After filing up GST Registration online application, you will receive a GST Certificate in just 2 days. Walk2register provides a platform where you can take expert advice to know about the applicability of GST.

As and when you get fails to register for GST as goods and service provider, you will have to sustain heavy penalty that will go up to 100% on your owned tax amount.

If we talk about GST rates then these rates are varied on variable items and goods. However, GST rates will not applicable to some goods and services. From below you can learn how to register for GST online in India.

What is GST Registration Process in India?

GST Registration process is online via a portal of central govt. of India. Govt. appoints GST Suvidha Providers to help businesses with the GST registration process. A businessman at any place in India whose aggregate business turnover is more than the threshold limit is eligible for GST Registration. Get our expert guidance before going to apply for GST Registration online in India. Call or Whatsapp now +91-6375676680.

What Do We offer in our Package?

We at walk2register.in offer an awesome deal for the GST Registration in India at affordable fees which include:

Pricing – Rs. 1, 999/- (All-Inclusive)

  • GST Registration with life-time validity
  • GST Registration Certificate with ARN & GSTIN number

Combo Package includes:

  • Udyog Aadhar Registration
  • GST Registration + FREE 3 Months GST Return Filing

Documents needed for (Goods and Services Tax) GST Registration

Proprietorship Private Limited Partnership/ LLP
PAN Card of Owner PAN Card of Company PAN Card of Partnership
Aadhaar Card Of Proprietor Aadhaar of All Directors Aadhaar of Partners
Bank Details Bank Details Bank Details
Address Proof Address Proof Address Proof
MOA, AOA and Incorporation Partnership Deed/ LLP Certificate

Who Needs GST Registration Number?

  • Businesses having annual turnover morethan Rs 20 Lakhs Per Annum (Rs 10 Lakh for North Eastern States)
  • If business is dealing in more than one state
  • If your business has previous registration under VAT, Excise Laws, Service Tax Laws
  • Selling your goods or services online (like selling on Amazon and Flipkart)
  • If you are providing services and goods outside India.

Penalties Involved under GST Act

  • Not having GST Registration : 100% tax Due or Rs10,000. Whichever is higher
  • Not giving GST invoice : 100% tax due or Rs10,000. Whichever is higher
  • Incorrect Invoicing : Rs 25,000
  • Not filing GST Tax Returns : For Nil Return its Rs 20 Per Day, Regular Returns Rs 50 Per Day.
  • Choosing Composition Scheme even if not eligible : 100% tax due or Rs10,000. Whichever is higher

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