Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

What is Limited Liability Partnership Registration?

Limited Liability Partnership Registration is a legal entity registered with the Registrar of Companies under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. This entity is managed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It is a blend of a Partnership firm and a company. LLP is a partnership however it appreciates practically all the highlights of the company, and these are:

Separate Legal Entity: The LLP has a separate and distinct entity from its partners as the company has from its investors. The partners and LLP are not the same as one another, the identity of the LLP doesn't get influenced by the difference in the partners.

Limited Liabilities: All the partners of the LLP are having limited liabilities while in the partnership firm all the partners having unlimited The partners are not personally subject for any obligation or loss brought about by the LLP. They are liable for such sum which they consent to contribute as referenced in the LLP agreement.

On Its Name: The LLP can purchase or sell the property on its name and likewise sue or be sued by any individual on its name and additionally get went into any contract or agreement with some other individual under its name.

The LLP is the most prominent choice for the professionals for leading their business and is additionally a decent decision for the individuals who are including in the business of consultancy. LLP has barely any compliances to pursue when contrasted with other companies. Under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 it is discretionary to register the partnership firm, however in the event that any individual needs to run LLP, then he shall need to take a certificate of registration from the Registrar and additionally need to register the LLP agreement. All the business subtleties and profit and loss sharing proportion measure of capital put shall make reference to in the LLP agreement.

Documents Required For LLP Registration


Pan Card is required for all the Partners of the company.


Driving License, Voter Id Card or Passport. Anyone Id Proof is required for all the Partners of the company.


The latest Bank Statement not more established than 2 months is required for all the Partners of the company.


A passport size photograph is required for all the Partners of the company.


Latest Utility bill not more established than 2 months, Rent agreement if there should arise an occurrence of leased property Registry Proof or House Tax Receipt in the event of possessed property and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the proprietor

Procedure Of Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Submit Documents

You have to submit all the required documents.

Name Approval

We will confirm all the documents and then apply for the name approval through the RUN application form. In one form we can apply for 4 names. The name of the company is dependent upon Government approval.

Digital Signature

After the name approval of the company, we will apply for the Digital Signature. For Digital Signature Video and Mobile Verification will be required.

Documents Preparation

After name approval and digital signature we will set up all your required documents like FORM-9 and supporters sheet and all other required documents and will submit it to the registrar of companies in recommended form for example "FiLLiP".

LLP Incorporation

When all the documents submitted are appropriately confirmed by Registrar of Companies, the approval is given and the Certificate of Incorporation is sent to you on your email id.

Draft LLP Agreement

In the wake of accepting the Certificate of Incorporation we will draft your LLP agreement according to the incorporation condition and from that point forward, we will record the Initial LLP Agreement to the Registrar of Companies for its approval.

The most effective method to get register as LLP – Process of LLP Registration (Limited Liability Partnership Registration)

Step – 1: First of all, you have to acquire DSC

Step-2: Apply for DIN

Step-3 : Get the approval of your name

Step-4: Incorporation of LLP

Step-5: At last, File LLP Agreement

Choose Plan

Limited Liability Partnership Registration


Rs 7000 Rs 5990

  • Two DSA
  • Two Director's DPIN
  • PAN/ TAN for LLP
  • Certificate of Incoporation
  • First Board meeting Peper
  • LLP deed Draft
  • Resoulation for bank account opening
  • MCA Fees
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Rs 10000 Rs 7490

  • Two DSA
  • Two Director's DPIN
  • PAN/ TAN for LLP
  • Certificate of Incoporation
  • First Board meeting Paper
  • LLP deed Draft
  • Resoulation for bank account opening
  • MCA Fees+ Free Gst registration+ MSME registration
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