One Person Company Registration

One Person Company

What is One Person Company Registration?

One person company allows a single entrepreneur to operate a corporate entity with limited liability protection. Walk2register offers One Person Company Registration online from Rs. 6500 with all-inclusive fees. The biggest advantage of incorporating an OPC is that there can be only one member in an OPC. At a time, an individual can form only one OPC.

Anyone who wish to begin their own business then they can make it possible by One Person Company Registration. Walk2Register offers the One Person Company Registration process online in India at an affordable cost.

An OPC can be your good alternative for running a sole proprietorship. The major vital reason for choosing an OPC is its limited liability. That means a business owner's liability is limited to the amount they have invested in the business. In the case of an OPC, single entrepreneurs can also consider it.

However, only Indian residents can apply for OPC registration one at a time as specified by the ministry of corporate affairs. Moreover, the capital requirement doesn't make any difference between an OPC and a private limited company. It just needs an authorized capital of Rs. 1 Lakh to begin your business. But you don't need to invest any money into the business in reality.

Benefits of OPC Registration

Continuous Existence

Sole Proprietorships come to an end with the death of the proprietor. As an OPC has a separate legal identity, it would pass on to the nominee director and, therefore, continue to exist.

Greater Credibility

As an OPC needs to have its books audited annually, it has greater credibility among vendors and lending institutions.

Limited Liability

The directors' personal property is always safe in a private limited company, no matter the debts of the business.

Mandatory Documents for OPC Registration

OPC business registration needs the following documents during the process of One Person Company Registration:-

  1. Name of the company you want to register for.
  2. ID proof of the nominee and the member (Aadhar Card/Passport/Voter ID)
  3. PAN Card Copy of the nominee and the member
  4. Application for Company Registration
  5. Registered office address (to be entered in the INC 22)
  6. Proof of the registered office

Necessary Steps needed to form a One Person Company (OPC)

Step -1 Apply for DSC

Step-2 Apply for DIN

Step-3 Name approval application

Step-4 Documents required

Step-5 Filing forms with MCA

Step-6 Issue of certificate of incorporation

Choose Plan

One Person Company Registration


Rs 9000 Rs 6500

  • One DSC
  • Director's DIN
  • MOA, AOA, PAN/ TAN of Company
  • Certificate of Incoporation
  • First Board meeting Peper
  • Resolution For Bank Account opening
  • share certificate, Stamp Duty
  • other govt fees
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Rs Rs

  • One DSC
  • Director's DIN,
  • MOA & AOA
  • PAN/ TAN of Company
  • Certificate of Incoporation
  • First Board meeting Peper
  • Resolution For Bank Account opening
  • share Certificate
  • Stamp Duty
  • other govt fees + free GST registation +MSME Registration
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