PF Registration

PF Registration

What is PF Registration?

PF Registration commonly known as EPF (Employee Provident Fund) Registration is a beneficial scheme which is applicable to all salaried persons. Provident Fund is a good saving platform that helps employees by saving a fraction of amount from their salary every month. In simple language, the deduction of some amount from salary every month for saving purpose is called PF. This amount will be credited to your EPF account.

The PF starts from the moment of your joining in the firm till you retired from the firm. The percentage contributing for EPF will be 12% on the basis of your salary plus allowances (if any). This will be directly added to your EPF account every month. This 12% PF rates must be equally divided between an employee and employer. PF registration is mandatory for all those organizations which have strengths of 20 or more persons. You can easily get PF registration through walk2register. We can help you to obtain PF registration for just Rs. 1499. Below we have also discussed the list of documents required for PF registration.

Online EPF Registration Process

PF registration must be filed by all entities having 20 or more persons every month. But it can be also be achieved voluntarily by those entities having less than 20 employees. While the due date of PF return is on the 25th of each month.

According to the guidelines of EPF, employees whose basic pay is more than 15K/ month at the time of joining doesn’t need to make any PF contribution. However, they can still become a member with the consent of the employer.

Documents required for PF Registration

  • A scanned copy of your PAN card is must
  • Name of the company
  • Date of the establishment of the firm
  • Scanned copy of the licenses available in the name of the firm (like GST)
  • Scanned copy of cheque of company’s bank account
  • Address of the company with address proof
  • List of directors or partners (if any)
  • Address proof of proprietor/ director/ partner of the company
  • Email address, mobile number of proprietor/ director/ partner of the company
  • Copy of first sale bill/ first purchase bill and job work bill
  • The monthly strength of employees from the date of setup
  • The latest updated list of employees with details
  • Digital signature of the proprietor/ director/ partner

Advantages of PF Registration

  • Insurance Benefits
  • Pension Benefits
  • Withdrawal Benefits
  • Death Benefits

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