PF Return Filing

PF Return

What is PF Return Filing?

Provident Fund is a social security system that has one aim of encouraging savings among employees. It gives benefits to employees during the retirement process. Any employee can now easily file for PF Return Filing through the unified portal. PF return must be filed by all the employees who are having PF registration every month.

Eligibility for PF Registration:

Registration for PF is compulsory for the companies/ firm/ organisations that have 20 or more employees. Also small companies/ firm/ organisations can register under EPF on voluntarily even who have less than 20 employees.

What is the Due Date of PF Return?

On every month, the due date of PF return is on 25th. Whereas, the final PF Return Filing is due on the 25th of April in the ended year on 31st March. Simply, contributions are made by the employer and the employee on monthly basis comes under provident fund.

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