Removal of Director

Removal of Director

A company has right to eliminate a directot if he sustain any of the disqualification as mentioned under the act. A director of a company can be removed by shareholders before the period of his expiry. A special notice of removing a director from the company will be send by the company to the director.

Removal of Director

As per company act, a shareholder has right to Removal of Director before expire of his tenure period. Along with that, the director can challenge the removal as per company act 2013.

Process for Removal of Director:

1. Absent from consecutive four Board Meetings of the company: A Director shall be liable to vacate office if a director of the company absent from all meeting of the board of director held during a period of 12 months with or without seeking of absence of the board.

2. By Shareholder of the Company: A company may by passing an ordinary resolution , remove a director but he/she should being appointed by tribunal under section 242.

3. Suo-moto by Director: A Director can also vacate office by giving resignation along with appropriate time period notice.

Documents Required for Removal of Director:

  • Id and Address proof of concern Director.
  • Resignation letter in case of Resigned by Director.

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