Section 8 Company Registration

Section 8 Company Registration

What is Section 8 Company Registration?

Section 8 Company Registration is needed for a charitable purpose. This form of business registration is not for getting profit. Hence, it is a non-profit business registration which can be quite easy with walk2register.

This form of incorporation is quite similar to trust & NGO Registration. However, NGO registration is an offline process. Section 8 Company Registration is very helpful for promoting arts, commerce, science, education, research, social welfare, religion, a charity for environment protection.

If you have set up your mind to start your NGO then this article will help you to get registered it through Section 8 Company Registration online at an affordable cost. Here, you will also get an idea of what do you need to have before going for NGO Registration.

Documents required for Section 8 Company Registration / NGO Registration

Documents to include a section 8 company

  • Proof of identity of all directors - A copy of PAN card (mandatory).
  • Address Proof - Copy of Aadhaar / Driving License / Passport / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill.
  • Passport size photograph of all directors.
  • Rent agreement in the event of the company's registered office being hired.
  • Registered office utility bill.
  • Form DIR-2 which is consent to act as a director.
  • Director's interest in other institutions.

Section 8 The company has to comply with annual compliance like other companies, in case of non-compliance, the company will be treated as a passive company and can be removed from the register.

Section 8 Procedure for incorporation of company registration

The following steps need to be taken to include a section 8 company here


First, obtain the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of all directors and promoters of the company, if they do not have the same. An application for obtaining DSC is made to the certified authority.


Secondly, obtaining a Directors Identification Number (DIN) for all directors in the company.

Name approval

For name approval, an application will be filed in Form INC-1 to the Registrar of Companies. A maximum of six names can be provided by the applicant for name approval. Accepted name is valid for 60 days. Section 8 It is necessary for a company to include words such as Foundation, Association, Forum, Council, Chamber etc. as per incorporation rules 2014 of the company.

Draft MOA and AOA

After the name approval, the next step is to draft the MOA and AOA and then it is required to file it in ROC in Form 12 along with other documents for license under Section 8 of the Companies Act 8, 2013. The MOA and AOA must be signed. By the members of the memorandum.

Application for license

Form INC 12 has been filed with the ROC for issuing a license to a Section 8 company under the Companies Act, 2013.

Following Attachments:

  1. 13 Inc. (Memorandum of Association).
  2. article of association.
  3. INC 15 (Announcement by MOA's customers).
  4. Statement of income and expenditure.
  5. List of directors of the company.
  6. The subscriber page of MOA & AOA should be handwritten by subscribers and witnesses.
  7. After approval of the form, the license is issued in Form INC 16.

Incorporation Application

The incorporation application form is filed in INC 7 with the attachment:
  1. memorandum of Association.
  2. article of association.
  3. Declaration by professional as INC INC 8.
  4. In Affidavit INC 9 by each customer of the memorandum.
  5. Address proof of customers.
  6. Identity proof of customers.
  7. Sample signature in Form Inc.10.
  8. Pan Card.
  9. NOC if there is any change in the name of the promoters after the name approval.
  10. Board resolution authorized for membership of MOA.
  11. Any other attachments, if any.

Registered Office

Form INC 22 is to be filed for the status of the company's registered office with the following attachments:
  • Rent agreement / lease deed.
  • No electricity bill more than 2 months old.
  • NOC on the promoter's letterhead to use the compound.

Appointment of Directors

For the purpose of appointment of directors it is necessary to file DIR 12 with the following attachment:

Notify consent dir 2 to act as director.

certificate of Incorporation

After satisfying the forms filed with the ROC, the registrar will issue a certificate of incorporation with a unique company identification number.

Penal provision

If the company fails to comply with the provisions of this section, the company shall be punishable with a fine which shall not be less than one million rupees, but which may be increased to one crore rupees and in default the directors and officers. Will be punishable Imprisonment for a term which may carry a sentence of three years or fine which shall not be less than twenty five thousand rupees and which may be increased to twenty five lakh rupees or both.

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Section 8 Company Registration


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  • 2 DSC
  • 2 Director's DIN
  • MOA, AOA, PAN/ TAN of Company
  • RD approval
  • Certificate of Incoporation
  • First Board meeting Peper
  • Resolution For Bank Account opening
  • share certificate, Stamp Duty
  • other govt fees
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Rs 35000 Rs 28999

  • 3 DSC
  • 3 Director'DIN
  • MOA & AOA
  • PAN/ TAN of Company
  • RD approval
  • Account opening
  • Certificate of Incoporation
  • First Board meeting Peper
  • Resolution For Bank Account opening
  • share Certificate
  • Stamp Duty
  • other govt fees + free GST registation +MSME Registration
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