Share Transfer

Share Transfer

Share Transfer

Transfer of share means voluntary transfer of share by one to another through any contract or Agreement . Shares of the company are transferrable like any movable property but subject to restriction under AOA of the company .

Procedure for Share Transfer as per the Companies Act, 2013

  • Draft transfer deed in the prescribed form i.e. Form SH-4
  • Execute Such transfer deed by signing of both the parties along with the Stamp duty i.e. 0.25% of value of shares .
  • Such Transfer deed send to the company along with a application requesting transfer of shares .
  • After got such transfer deed company will approve such application after duly verification of documents and signature.
  • Such transfer deed After got approved by Board of Director of the Company , the company Will record this transaction in its Register . For details regarding share transfer please connect with us .

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Share Transfer


Rs 3000 Rs 2499

  • upto Share value of Rs. 1 lac
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