Winding up of LLP

Winding up of LLP

Winding up of LLP

A LLP can be winding up by Tribunal or LLP its own by pass a resolution.

Voluntary Winding Up:

LLP can make voluntary Application For winding up with approval of 3/4th Partners in Form 24 along with prescribed documents and fees. Walk2register consultancy can help you to wind up your llp quickly and easily.


  • Pass a resolution with approval of 3/4th partners for Winding up of LLP.
  • make NIL assets and Liabilities of LLP
  • File Application in form 24 with ROC along with prescribed fees and documents .

Attachment required in Form 24:

  • Copy of authority to make the application duly signed by all partners .
  • Copy of acknowledgement of latest Income-tax Return.
  • Statement of Accounts disclosing Nil assets and Nil liabilities
  • Affidavit signed by Every designated partners.

Winding Up by Tribunal:

Winding up of LLP can be initiated by a Tribunal for the following reasons:

  • Less than two Partners in the LLP for a period of more than 6 months
  • The LLP is not in a position to pay its debts
  • The LLP has acted against the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of State or public order.
  • The LLP has not filed Statement of Accounts and Solvency or LLP Annual Returns with the Registrar for any five consecutive financial years.
  • The Tribunal is of the opinion that it is just and equitable that the LLP should be wound up.

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